Out with the Old

...in with the new, the adage goes.

This post is a bit bitter sweet. 

As I mentioned before, I'm embarking upon a hair challenge in 2011 and I had to get a trim.  I knew it was overdue, but after my trim I was taken back a bit.  I fought back tears (I know it sounds a bit crazed, but it's true).  I know you have to let go of what's damaged and serving no real purpose, but all I could think about at that moment and many moments after that is how long it took to grow what I had and the hairstyles I just was able to do with my length that I now won't be able to do for a while...again.  I felt I had gone back to last year's length in one salon visit.  The good thing is that my hair feels really good and I can tell that the new practices that I started recently are paying off.  Even still, I'm still wearing a hat, even as I type....


The supposed "trim" 
Bye Bye!

(If you notice, you'll see that vertical "line" on my forehead 
which tells you when things aren't so well.  It's not in the Before picture.) 

Today, while wearing my hat, I finished purging my closets and drawers.  This was another lesson in letting go.  It was time to let go of all those clothes that aren't being worn, whether new or not and regardless of who gave them to you.  If they're in good condition, it's better to let someone else enjoy them than to sit around in the closets and drawers for some unknown time when they might be worn.  So, I let them go.

Out with the old, in with the new!


  1. Letting go is hard, but sometimes it's just necessary work. I'm so proud of you! Your hair looks so healthy and I bet your closets are even more organized-see there are blessings in letting go (I have to remind myself of this all.the.time)
    Many blessings as well in 2011!

  2. I'm hoping for better hair days for you Libby! You are on the right track now. ;) I also need to go through my closet and boxes out in the garage to purge things that just haven't been touched in years. Maybe when it gets warmer out.

  3. Great post Libby and your hair looks great!!! Happy New Year!!!


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