Stumbling Block

So I've hit a stumbling block in my so-called quickie crochet project.  When I try a new pattern I always give it a complete read-through, then visualize what is being said before I begin.  If it's a Ravelry find I'll also read over comments made by people who've made the pattern before in case there are tips.  Saves time that way. 

Anyways, I've finished the beanie part of the hat and now I'm ready for the long earflaps, but the pattern is written in a misleading way.  I now see why some of the Ravelry projects had twisted flaps by mistake.  Can't have that now can we.  I'm sure (or at least I hope) it won't be too much trouble to adjust the pattern, but I feel the purpose of buying patterns is so you can make it as written.  If you really wanted to make your own version then you could just write your own pattern.  But I digress...


  1. I feel your frustration with the pattern. Remember my disgust with the sweaters I made the girls last year. I was suppose to assume what the author meant. What??? I just don't understand it. Don't give up Libby! I know you can make it work. :)

  2. I have had similar issue when trying to follow a patterns that are posted on various site by people who are of course sharing but I can't always understand what they mean even though I am sure they I now know to read the pattern before attempting it.


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