Science Presentation: How It Went

If you recall, this week I had a science presentation at the PDI (Professional Development Institute) sponsored by the NCSTA (North Carolina Science Teacher Association).  I was co-presenting on landforms/creating topographical maps, but my partner got sick and lost her voice.  She was still planning to attend until she went to the doctor and was told she needed to lay low for 4 days.  I found this out the day before I was scheduled to leave.  Needless to say, a lot of last minute prep was taking place that night because I only had my half of the materials; we were planning on combining our materials on Thursday.  But let me tell you how God worked everything out right before my eyes:
  • My mom helped me get the handouts organized, stapled, etc.  I had to plan for 85.
  • I was able to find everything I needed in one night, except for rocks (go figure).
  • I received a text message from another trainer on my way out of the door telling me she heard I was partner-less and offered to help me co-present if I could please help her with hers.  
  • On the way I contacted my grad school adviser who lives in the same city as the conference.  Got invited to a fabulous dinner at Bravo's and guess what?  They (grad adviser & hubby) had rocks!
  • On Friday morning, the day of the presentation, I was on my way out the hotel when I received a call that my presentation room had (get this) no tables!!!!  But by the time I got to the conference center, my supervisor made it happen and tables were set up.  Yay!
  • Was told that I only had 15 minutes to set up.  When I walked into my presentation room exactly 15 minutes prior to the presentation time, the room was already packed.  Every chair was taken, people were sitting on the floors, standing up in the doorways, and sitting on the window seat ledges.  The projector didn't work, so the Powerpoint part was pointless, but get this - for once, I wasn't nervous!  That was and still is a miracle.
  • Afterwards, on my way to the restroom (you know I never got a chance to go before the presentation), a woman said, "I enjoyed your presentation."  That made my day because a lot of times when you present like this, you really don't know what people are thinking.  Feedback is a good thing.  Then I saw a teacher who was in that week-long session from this summer and she said, "I've used everything you gave us!"  
Needless to say, at the end of the day I was all smiles and I truly have to give God the credit for that.  As soon as I got home, exhaustion hit and I was in for the night.  Now I'm a bit charged, the sun is out, and I'm ready to catch up on work you say?  Nah!  I'm ready to find ways to get crafty!!!  lol

p.s.  I've got a few more crafty things to share.  And, that magazine with the chevron skirt pattern came in right before I left.  :-)


  1. So happy to hear that everything worked out in the end for you Libby! I knew you would do well. :) Have a great rest of the weekend dear!

  2. Congratulations on your successful presentation! Sit back and relax!!!


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