The Presentation Look

So I didn't take this photo the day of the presentation, but I wanted to show you the outfit I wore, minus the hat of course.  In the last year or so, my Mom has gotten really good at picking outfits that I love - on sale.  She found this dress at JCPenney's for $12!  Then I took a suggestion I saw on Manecoarse's blog to button the bottom couple of buttons on a cardigan to give it more of a shrug look.  So that's what I did.  I had planned to wear my hair in the cinnabun do but I was running short on time so I wore an afro puff instead.  The boots came from Santa last Christmas.  :-)

This is the look I wore today...underneath the hat.  Tried a new twist/braid style.
Yeah, I switched clothes.  It's really cold around here these days.


  1. The outfit is great! Your Mom has good taste and knows a good buy, $12. Wow!

  2. The shrug look turned out great. What a good price on that dress. Go, mom! :)

  3. Super cute outfit, I love the look of the sweater and boots with the dress!

  4. you looked beautiful as always x


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