How Should You Feel

...when you look for something you know is in your house in the same bag that you received when you purchased it, only to discover after like weeks of looking that it's where it should be, not in the bag after all, but in the bin of fabric in the craft closet that you thought know you already looked in?

 I have an idea for a bag with that top print.

...when you haven't crocheted in so long that your hands ache from the attempt?  You press on because crocheting is just like riding a bike - you just don't forget, because you're glad to use up yarn stash and add to your FO collection.

...when no matter how much chaos you have going on in your life, you know that this one, simply decorated room continues to remain clean?

Yeah, I have ideas for wall, table/chair decor, but one room at a time, right?

...when your work-in-progress conversion between a formal (unfurnished) living room to a craft space takes one step to becoming a reality when the things that once occupied this side of the room are thankfully removed from your home, thereby making a true craft space more of a reality?

...when you choose to try out this pattern even though you're not a fan of the puff stitch?

Using up more stash yarn.

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  1. That sure is alot to be 'feeling' about. :) You are one busy girl Libby!


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