Harrell-Slaughter Family Reunion 2010

I know a lot of time has slipped by since the traditional "Family Reunion" season, but I finally finished editing these reunion pictures from ...uh hum, August and I thought I'd share with you a piece of my family's traditions.  This side of my family has a three-day family reunion.

On Friday night, we meet at an uncle's house and have a very casual drop-in dinner.  On Saturday morning there are several different breakfast opportunities:  single ladies, single men, young couples, and mature couples.  Kids have to go wherever their parents go.  Then we have a catered dinner and program.  On Sunday family members attend church with those who live in the area.  Usually I only attend part of Saturday, but this time I was able to go on Friday night and all day Saturday.

Here's a taste of the 2010 Family Reunion:

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  1. your pictures are beautiful, Libby!

    I'll post the recipe for the chinese stew soon, it's yummy!


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