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This weekend I literally slept almost the entire weekend.  I took a "nap" on Friday evening and pulled myself up halfway through Saturday.  At the end of Saturday, I claimed my extra hour since the clocks went back an hour and still went to sleep.  Napped even on Sunday.  Can you say exhausted!

But in the midst of it all, I managed some crafting.  A dear friend with amazing rotary cutting skills cut my fleece pieces that I purchased last year (for a reason I can't recall now) and I sewed a four layer fringed fleece scarf on Saturday.  It was inspired from a scarf a kid in my class wore to school last week.  Then I pulled out a hat I made earlier but hadn't finalized.  I'm playing with an idea so I can finish it up.  I also found a floral clip in the house that I think will now complete the denim hobo bag I made last year.  Remember that bag with the plaid lining? 

Tonight I said, "Forget it!" and ran with glee to the photography club meeting that I haven't attended for two months.  I got some really good feedback from the guest photographer there.  Finally, when I returned home I started a second fleece scarf.  This one is inspired by one I saw one of my coworkers wearing today.  I'm almost done, but I knew it was time to call it quits when the thread broke during the topstitching process.  I literally hold my breath when I topstitch because you really can't hide mistakes there.  lol

The unfortunate thing is I truly have other things, really time-sensitive things to do like prepare for this presentation I have to do at a conference this week (and now my partner lost her voice), but I really want to craft.  It's quite addictive.  I'm sure you all understand.

Well, just filling you in.  I will take pictures as soon as possible.  Just got to get home before the sun sets, since the time has changed.  :-)


  1. Everyone needs a good 'nap' from time to time. Glad to hear your photography meeting went well. Take it easy!


  2. I love naps! Glad you got some rest and crafting in this weekend. I know your presentation will go great, and I hope your partner gets her voice back soon!


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