Time for a Little Comfort

Food that is.  The weather's changing up a bit, and that always necessitates having warm, yummy food.  Although I love food from many different cuisines, sometimes the food/taste that you've grown up on is what you crave.  So, tonight I made a chicken casserole.  I've had this recipe that was given to me by a neighbor since college or so.  The notebook paper is all faded, but the taste has not.

Chicken Casserole

1 whole chicken (or chicken parts) - I used chicken breast tenders
1 stick of margarine
1 bag of Pepperidge Farm Herbed Dressing Mix (breadcrumbs)
1 can of cream of chicken soup (reduced sodium)
1 can of cream of mushroom soup (reduced sodium)
frozen mixed vegetables
shredded cheese

* Boil chicken and debone (if necessary).  Save the broth.  Using some of the broth, dilute the condensed soups.  Grease a 13x9" pan.  Melt the margarine and mix it with the bread crumbs.  Layer the greased pan in this order:  moistened bread crumbs,  chicken, soup, mixed veggies, cheese.  Then repeat as your pan allows, ending with a layer of bread crumbs.  Bake in a 325 degree F oven for 45 min to an hour.

* This is how I seasoned my water for boiling the chicken:  I added the chicken and water of course, celery seeds, 2 packets of Herbox no sodium chicken bouillon, garlic, and onion. 

**  I've also made this plenty of times with frozen chopped broccoli.  It's delicious anyway you fix it.

The portions in this recipe are clearly for a family.  I made a smaller casserole so I didn't need all of my ingredients.  I mean when is Campbell going to come up with half size condensed soups?  lol


  1. That sounds good Libby! I'll have to try it. I'm still thinking on the seven things. All most done. I'm so bad. Sorry. I'll post the link to the chicken chili next post. :)


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