Saturday Finds

This afternoon, I decided to take a quick trip to the neighboring county because I wanted a few essential oils that I can't purchase here.  I'm getting ready to make some more hair concoctions.  I love the fall/winter, but it's hard on my hair.  I've been reading more about moisturizing your hair and sealing it with oils during these months especially, so we'll see.  We don't have mainline vitamin/herb shops here, so I was glad to find that the oils in this independent shop were on sale!  If you've ever purchased essential oils you know that they can be pricey.  I can't wait to get started!


My mom decided to go with me so that she could peruse the thrift shops in the area.  We had fun looking around and I found a few items that I couldn't stand to see remaining in those stores.  The way these stores work, if the date on the item is a certain amount of time in the past, you get an even greater discount, so all the items I purchased were at least 50% of the thrifted price.  Score!

Just look at all that handwork!  I don't know who didn't want this, but I sure do.
I found these napkins on an earlier thrift trip and now the tablecloth matches.
This apron is too darling!  As much as I love it, I may end up posting it in my shop.  
Too cute.  Gobble, Gobble.
Check out this picture frame!  It'll go perfectly in my craft space...when I finish.  :-)

Remember that gift of redecorating a room?  I have an idea of the color scheme, and I found a trashcan today that I love.  It is my inspiration piece.

Mom and I had a great afternoon out.  Now, it's back to the grind!  Hope your weekend has been wonderful.  :-)


  1. Love those little finds of yours. You really scored with all that wonderful stitching. Your gain! Love the trash can.

  2. Those thrift shops never cease to amaze me. We don't have them here. Oh but if you like those handmade tableclothes and napkins you should have told me so earlier. My mother made a few and my grandmother bought her even more for her trousseau. They are priceless. It's a pity we don't use them because we don't want to ruin them.

  3. Don´t know if my comment is coming through..
    I love the tablecloth and apron. You made great scores!

  4. the tablecloth...and the picture frame is cute as can be....good finds...:))

  5. HI Lib: I am writing an article about fat (fat in food that is) and how it affects us. I will share when I am done. Many thing we eat we are not aware of how much fat we are actually consuming. For example if I take a 300 cal garden salad and now add 2 tbsp of olive oil I have now add 250 cals and have turned my low fat salad into 64% fat! Fat causes 90% of the illness we see today including how how skin, nail and hair behave.
    If you cut down on fat, way down, you would not need all those oils etc......for your hair.
    I share this with you because I notice that your concerned about being healthy and natural. If it has been taken from it original state and turned into anything even if it claims it is natural it isn't. Also many many herbs have toxic properties so be careful. Take care lib! Also enjoy reading your blog and seeing your latest finds, nice that you can spend quality time with your mom!


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