Meet Jo

Meet my new friend, Jo.  Jo has just arrived and is super excited about being a part of my family.  She loves helping out so much and being a great friend, that she has generously decided to come to work with me each day and help me teach!  Isn't Jo such a good friend?

Since Jo's arrival, one thing I've learned is that she loves to travel and she loves to learn.  This year she will be traveling around the country learning important information like how to be a good citizen.  BUT, she needs your help.  Jo, you see, has a problem with her writing.  She has no problem telling you what she thinks -- well, except when she's super quiet.  Today one of my students pointed out that she must be shy.

So how can you help Jo with her love for learning and traveling and help her overcome her shyness?  First, you must reside in the United States, since she has to learn about being a good U.S. citizen.  Second you must not be ashamed to carry Jo to different places showing how she is being a good citizen.  Pictures would be really nice.  Third, you must be willing to mail her back to school so that she can share all she's learned with those eager students awaiting her return.  When she returns, she must have a friendly letter accompanying her so that we can read what she's been up to.  Don't forget that if you take her outside the U.S., she must have a passport.  :-)

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please send me an email so we can get Jo on the road...or on the next flight.  My email is in my profile. 


  1. Hi Libby! If Jo wants to visit have my address. I would be happy to show her around and teach her something about my state!! Megan

  2. If Joe ever needs to learn about Ireland I would help her xxx


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