A Kiss of...

In these economic times, my mother and I have officially become "coupon clippers."  I always flipped through the coupons in the weekend paper, but never became an avid coupon clipper or even bothered to use them until now.  This weekend, Mom passed me the coupon packet and I stumbled across this ad:

for these products:

Interestingly enough, my eye was drawn to....none other than the knitted hat!  In my mind, I thought, "I can make that!"  Then I realized that it was for a lip moisturizer (which I plan to purchase for $1 off BTW, $2 if I get both), but it just goes to show that even when you're not crafting, it's on the brain!  lol


  1. You're right, that hat is darling!!! Off to Ravelry to do a pattern search....:-)

  2. Great hat! Coupons can be fun. It's a little work but it always feels good when you save money!

  3. lol
    I took notice of the hat too. Such dirty minds we have!!

  4. You are so right Libby! It looks very easy to make.

  5. Have fun knitting the nice hat,)


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