Heart for Harrell

My cousin Ivan needs a heart transplant.  Family and friends established the "Heart for Harrell" Foundation Fund to help raise funds that his insurance will not cover.

Here are ways you can help him:
  • Save your time and money and bargain shop with the FREE application, www.myshoppinggenie.com/heartforharrell.  The "Heart for Harrell" Fund receives money each time you search and click, and when you purchase online from participating vendors.  Send the above URL to your friends and organizations and have them download the free Shopping Genie on every computer in their household.  When downloading, use Ivan's ID number 75170.
  • Visit www.heartforharrell.com to see how to use the Shopping Genie and updates on his progress.  Tax-deductible online donations can also be made through this secure website.
I downloaded the free Shopping Genie.  This Shopping Genie is a part of Google, so you search like you normally would if you're using Google search engine. The Shopping Genie automatically appears and is searching for you to find the lowest prices.  Ivan receives funds whether you purchase the item(s) you were searching for or not.


  1. Praying for your cousin, my dear friend. Is he the same Ivan who used to comment your photos at your old blog? I remember him.
    I'll check whether that Shopping Genie works here too and can help raising that fund.

  2. Many prayers being said for Harrell, Libby. I hope the prayers are answered very soon.

  3. @Alhana: No, that's a different Ivan. But this Ivan was also a photographer until his heart was too weak for him to continue in that profession. It was in the days of film. In August he told me he was buying a digital camera, and I gasped! lol

    @ Alhana and Kar: Thank you so much! Right now he has an LVAD and he's better than I remember him for so long because his heart is actually functioning at a better percent.

  4. I run to the links Libby, I hope many people make this too!, I haven´t words!, just wait the Lord hand on the heart of Ivan and on all your family.

    God bless you!, Hugs!


  5. I love My Shopping Genie. I hope it helps. My friend sells it too. This is her website
    I've been thinking about starting after Christmas. Thank you for the information here - how long have you been doing this? Marie.


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