The Dangling Carrot Revisited

I don't know, but the Dangling Carrot idea isn't working as well today as it did on Thursday night.  Maybe because it's Saturday and since I had to be at the annual health fair early this morning, I got a taste of the beautiful weather out.  Then it didn't help that I went back out and got two scoops of homemade ice cream from the Berry Patch.  There I ran into a coworker and his family.  Yes, his knitting/crocheting wife and daughter.  So we chomped on ice cream and talked all about those things.  Maybe that's the reason I'm being non-productive in other areas.  Hummm.....

So, while I'm continuing to be a bit non-productive, let me show you where I am on the current knit project.  So far I've got 5" done and only 9" more to go.  Today I've knitted some in the house, at the health fair, and at the nail shop while waiting.

Neckwarmer WIP

Neckwarmer WIP

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  1. Love the color Libby! Your stitches look great! Keep up the nice work. :)


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