7 is Complete

Last night I started a knit project.  My hands just couldn't stand it anymore, not playing in the yarn, and looking at those new bamboo circulars laying dormant was killing me!  Um, being honest, they've been laying on the other side of my bed for over a week....resting.  So, I cast on 78 stitches.

Now, let me be even more honest.  For the past few days I've been casting on stitches and let me tell you what tiredness will do:
  1. Attempt 1:  Circulars the right size, but wrong length for project.  Frog and start over.
  2. Attempt 2:  Got the right length circulars, but I had not guessed the right amount of yarn for the sling-shot cast on method so I ran out of yarn.  Frog and start over.
  3. Attempt 3:  Guessed the right amount of yarn, yarn cake got tangled up some how, couldn't fix it, had to get out the scissors.  Frog and start over.
  4. Attempt 4:  I guessed the right amount, cast on my stitches, but decided to change patterns and needed more stitches, but I had already cut the tail shorter.  Frog and start over.
  5. Attempt 5:  Switched back to the first pattern, cast on the correct amount of stitches, joined the rounds, started my rib pattern and stopped in the middle of a row.  Note to self - don't do that.
  6. Attempt 6:  After starting in the middle of the row from the night before, I realized that I had stitched in the wrong direction so half the round was fatter than the other.  Frog and start over.
  7. Attempt 7, the final attempt:  Changed from the black/gray/copper blend yarn to this turquoise one, cast on 78 stitches, completed one round, and am making up my own pattern!  On a 3x3 rib for now.
Whoa!!!!  This is my first attempt with circulars.  I'm still a knitting newbie.  I started out making a hat, then a different hat, now it's not even going to be a hat.  I just really wanted to use these circulars and touch yarn.  Is that a crime?  I'm on round 3 of my "Let's see what happens" project.  Stay tuned, but it might be a while.  LOL

 * Still using stash yarn!


  1. LOL
    I should lend you my mother for things like this! Good luck with attempt 7.


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