The Upbraid Hairdo

For last night's exhibit I thought I would wear the cinnabun hairstyle, but there wasn't much time between leaving work and getting there so I wore that day's work hairstyle which was an upbraid.  I've seen a couple of videos of this style and I remembered braiding my hair up many years ago.  Isn't it amazing how styles resurface after a few years?

The style is really simple.  I sectioned off a part of my bangs.  Then I brushed the rest of my hair up like in a mohawk.  Starting at the base of my neck, I just French braided my hair up to the crown.  The tail of the braid was tucked underneath the bang area.  The bangs were turned into a sideways miniature french roll or what some might call the pompadour look.  After that was pinned in place, I just placed a headband on and clipped one of my crocheted flowers on the side.  And voila!

Pardon the frown in the last photo.  It was terribly sunny out.


  1. Simply lovely! Aside from hat maker, I will hire you as hairdresser. ;-)

  2. You did a great job. It looks good on you. I haven't french braided my hair in ages. Since the military I think. Long time.


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