Noro #242

One of my Ravelry friends asked if I could find and post a listing on Etsy for Noro Kureyon yarn #242.  I know how it is to need a particular yarn and can't have/find it (thanks, Ale!) so I was thrilled when I was able to locate this yarn during my birthday travels.

The last time I even turned on my DSLR was at the last family reunion for the summer (hello Daddy's side of the family....I promise I'll get those pics up as soon as I can).  So today I was glad to be able to photograph this beautiful Noro yarn.


  1. Oh, you can buy Noro there! Everybody talks about it but I have never seen here (I would have to purchase it from another country by mail). How lucky are your friends! Me being one of those friends, of course (Caron Simply Soft for Cute Sweaters!). ;-)

  2. Hey Libby!, Thank you very much for giving you time to help me buy this lovely yarn at the distance, you are very kind , as Alhana says, we are lucky to have you as our friend.

    Thanks for being so nice, I hope to match the favor someday!

    A kiss for you!



  3. I've been looking for that yarn too! i'VE BEEN TO 3 STORES HERE IN kANSAS...WITH -zilcho, none, zip! Lucky you!!!!


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