Mini Green Pouring Bowls

They're here!  Happy Friday, everyone!  Now back to my celebration...they're here!  I ordered a set of miniature ceramic pouring bowls from fellow EAOC team member and blog friend, Shevon Gant of and they arrived today.  I had been looking at these bowls from quite some time on her blog.  Then one day they disappeared and I thought it was over.  However, I spotted them again recently and decided I had to get them.  And I'm so glad I did.

I can't wait to try them out for pre-measuring kitchen ingredients before cooking or baking.  Thanks, Shevon, for such a wonderfully handmade set and for my beautiful ceramic magnets.

Check out her website:
or her blog:
or her Etsy shop


  1. They are very pretty Libby. I would be nervous to use them. :)

  2. Happy cooking with these beautiful pieces!

  3. Beautiful pottery! I like this kind of 'antique' or traditional look. Happy cooking!

  4. I absolutely adore this kind of pottery. Reminds me of my "islita".

  5. These are beautiful! I actually live above a pottery shop so I've learned to appreciate this type of handmanship!

  6. Thanks so much Libby for supporting my work! I wanted to make your package extra special!!! Enjoy the magnets. I use them to post stuff on my frig and file cabinet they are really strong!


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