Grosgrain to the Rescue

Time is limited, even for hair.  Today I didn't even have time for a protective style, so I unbraided my four french braids (that I do at night) and pulled them apart to cover the parts in my head.  I opted for a "wild" afro today.  What was my quick accessory?  A piece of leopard print grosgrain ribbon!

(I see two gray hairs...Maybe I will try a henna treatment after all.)

My point and shoot camera is officially kaputz!  Part of the shutter won't go back into the camera like it's supposed to so I have to hold it down with my finger, which means you see a piece of my finger in e.v.e.r.y. shot.  Did I also mention that you have to shake it to see the LCD screen?  I'm using my cellphone now for quick snap shots.  I'll probably use my DSLR only for the "official" pics I post for my Zenfolio account and for Etsy.  Boo hoo.


  1. your "wild fro" is beautiful!
    and you only have two grays?
    I've acquired so many this past year (:

  2. Love this hairdo! The photo came out great. Sorry about your point and shoot. I know exactly how you feel. Sounds like it's time for a new one. You have been awarded, go to my blog for details♥

  3. You look great! And I can't see those grey hairs...

    Too bad, looks like your camera is asking desperately for early retirement. :-(

  4. Your wild look is cute on you. I wish I had only two gray hairs. I try not to look anymore. I have issues with my camera at times also. Luckily it's nothing to do with the shutter but it's still frustrating.

  5. Nice, sometimes you just gotta let your hair do what it does best! I like it!

  6. Hi Libby, just the natural way;)
    Just read my new post on my blog. x

  7. Rowwwr!!! you look HOT, girl!!!! I love the way your afro looks and the ribbon just makes it perfect!

    Yes, you need a NEW camera, ASAP


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