Another New Style

I was catching up on one of my hair blogs,, and I inadvertently stumbled across this video.  I had to try it, not with the suggested products but with what I had.

I will admit that I purchased some ECO styler gel, the olive oil kind, because I keep hearing about it and I wanted to make the flat twists last longer.  I should have bought a rat tail comb while I was at it.  Clearly, without it, I can't part straight to save my life!


I wore the back in flat twists with a hair clip I made to cover up the little tails of my twists.  Then today I decided to untwist the back and see what would happen.  Overall I'm pretty satisfied with this style.  For me I think making bigger twists in the back and doing my normal twistout instead of the flat twist twistout would work better for my hair type.  I will definitely wear this style again.

But all this twisting, untwisting, hair exploration is making my crafty genes agitated a bit.  Now I want to dabble a little in hair accessories that are not necessarily crocheted.  More to come....

 * please excuse these camera phone photos.  lol


  1. Oh, I am a big fan of that hair of yours. I just wear a pony-tail everyday! lol

  2. You have more patience than me Libby. I just pull everything back, twist it and throw a big clip in my hair.

  3. when it comes to hair I guess I would be considered boring. same ole same everyday for me.

  4. ouch Libby doesnt that hurt?? or give you a headache?? I must say that is some patience...I like the back all curly and fluffed out and the braids around the face...cant wait to see what you come up with for accessories..:)) I understand the crochet getting old...venture out..

    Happy sales..:0


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