Williams' Biannual Family Reunion 2010

This weekend I attended the Williams' Biannual Family Reunion in Scotland Neck, NC and Garysburg, NC.  Most of Friday was spent at the homeplace - the land that belonged to my great grandparents on my mother's father's side.  In one of my great aunt's houses out there family members cleaned lots of fish and over 100 lbs. chicken!  I spent part of my time doing hair (I can't believe my aunt let me give her her 1st BC - Big Chop!  Now her hair is 100% natural.)  I crocheted some while chatting up with family I didn't really know.  But that night was spent organizing the groceries and peeling and cutting 20 lbs of potatoes.

As is tradition with this side of my family, the Saturday morning breakfast is a fish fry at the homeplace.  Fresh fish is fried outdoors, there's cornbread, grits, potatoes, hot coffee, you name it.  Everyone just sits outdoors and chats up with family over food.

Some hours later, we had the actual family reunion program in Garysburg, NC.  It was located at this home that has been partially turned into a recreation site.  It was very tropical.  I felt like I was in a little cabana which was nice because this year we decided to wear Hawaiian themed outfits and leis in honor of my cousin who passed about 3 weeks ago.  He always wore those Hawaiian-styled shirts - always.  So much so that even at his memorial service the Air Force men (my cousin was retired from the Air Force) wore those shirts instead of the normal uniform.

At the family reunion, there was spoken word, a family reunion tape from 1990 played, lots of food was served - of course, kids played in the pool, prizes were given...it was so much fun and a pleasure to photograph. 


  1. I hope you had some extra little bites of that yummy looking food for me. Sounds like you had a great time with the big event. And fish for breakfast. YUMMO!!!!


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