Vegetarian Chile Rellenos

After watching the movie "Julie & Julia" I was inspired to cook my way through a cookbook.  No, no.  Not a Julia Child cookbook, but one a little less complex that doesn't involve learning how to debone a duck.  I decided to cook my way through a very small vegetarian cookbook.  Very small.  I'm opting for vegetarian dinners these days and so far have been doing just fine.  I guess I should mention that I just started it this week.  lol

Anyways, I started with dishes that I had most of the ingredients for and that appealed to me at the moment.  Prior to this meal I made a vegetable paella.  I will admit that the flavor was good, but I must rework their vegetable timing because I prefer a crisper vegetable with a firmer rice.

Tonight's meal was very light - vegetarian chile rellenos (or stuffed peppers).  These are stuffed poblano peppers.  The filling is a mixture of cream cheese, crumbled queso fresco, and black beans seasoned with garlic, oregano, and a little jalapeño peppers.  Don't worry I seeded both peppers.  lol

This dish was pretty good for a fast version of a chile relleno.  But I do admit, I miss that charred taste on the pepper's skin that you typically get with this dish.  Maybe I'll tweak this recipe too.  Until then, I'll see what the next dish will be.....

This is a quick snapshot as I was pretty hungry.


  1. this sure looks tasty! I love that movie as well. It is very inspirational. Good Luck, you are getting a good start♥

  2. it looks so good!!! have you ever made Chiles en Nogada??? they are absolutely heavenly but NOT vegetarian and certainly NOT made in a jiffy... otherwise I'd have them every other week instead of once a year!

    Can't wait to follow your veggie cooking adventures!


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