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It is no secret that I am not a clothes shopper.  I do not like plundering through discount bins or racks jammed packed with wrong sizes just to find the perfect blouse...on sale.  I don't get it when people say, "If I were your size I could find everything!" when the truth is my size often goes first and if you wait on a sale you'll get sadly disappointed.  So clothes shopping is not my fort√©.

However, out of all the reasons I gave for not enjoying shopping for clothes, it does not apply to shopping for housewares (which I love even if I don't buy) and crafting supplies (no explanation needed).  *insert wicked grin here*

For two days this week I have been afforded the opportunity to plunder through bins and barrels, packed down tables, jammed packed bookcases, loaded baskets and such with friends (on Thursday) and family (on Saturday).  And I enjoyed every minute of it!

Out of those two fulfilling days, I came home with all kinds of sewing notions, 125 grams of mercerized Egyptian Cotton yarn in purple (I couldn't resist), all the tabletop Christmas decorations I'll need, baskets, a wok with all the accessories, and a sewing machine!  Yes, you read it correctly.  A sewing machine.  I've been looking for over a year for an all-metal sewing machine so I can sew my bags with the heavier materials without tearing up my machine.  You remember my bobbin incident last year?  Well, this machine belonged to the shop owner's sister who is a mega-seamstress.  I'm crossing my fingers that it only needs to be cleaned.  My fabric has been waiting oftentimes impatiently.

Check out that vintage zipper!
Crossing my fingers on this baby!
Isn't she a beauty?  My mom paid for this for me before I could.  Sneaky woman.  
Maybe she just wants me to buy clothes instead.  lol

Anyways, the thrifting was fun.  I mean who can argue with paying half price for an item selling for 10 cents?!?  Most everything I bought was between 10 and 50 cents (of course not the sewing machine).  If only clothing shopping were this simple.  Ahhhh.....

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  1. Lib I could agree more, I hate clothes shopping more than anything, the fact is I hate wearing clothes if I had my way we'd all be naked and it would never get below 75 degrees. I love a bargain, you guys really scored, love the Egyptian Cotton yarn, I would have bought that too. Wishing you luck on the sew machine, that too was a great find, everything is plastic now it makes me so mad, all this plastic is so bad for us especially us woman, it really messes with our hormones. Well keep us posted and let us know how the sew machine works out!

  2. Glo, I'll definitely post about the sewing machine.

  3. Awesome scores!! I, too, hate shopping. I'd rather buy everything online b/c I get too overwhelmed when I'm shopping in a store. Bookstores and craft stores (and grocery stores, but that's out of necessity and I'm armed with a list) are the only exceptions. I hope your machine kicks serious tail!!

  4. I hate shopping for clothes too. I hate malls. They never have my size or anything I like!

  5. @ Belly Dancer: Confession - I hate malls too. lol


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