She Sews Just Fine

Remember that Sears Kenmore sewing machine I purchased at the thrift store this summer?  Well, it turns out that it was a score!  All it needed was to be cleaned and a new bobbin case.  I got it out the shop on Monday and started a project tonight.  I hope to finish this weekend, but as I have not been sewing much lately, I've got to get back in the groove of it and plus I reinforce every seam.  It peeves me to purchase bags (like the very colorful one I bought in Charleston that's already raveling and now I'm going to have to fix- uggghh!) and have the seams separate when you haven't had them that long.  Until I one day purchase a Serger I'm satisfied to just reinforce the seams, even if I'm a slow poke.  :-)

I think she needs a name that's not so "teeny bop".  I think I'll name her Gertrude.


  1. Gertrude? Not bad, I like it. If she was mine, I would have named her Paquita or Juanita - very popular names back in the 30-50's that aren't used anymore for girls because they sound sooo old.
    Because she looks like la tía Juanita! ;-)

  2. I like Gertrude. You really scored on that find. Nothing like a good ole sewing machine that doesn't have all plastic parts. Have fun with her. :)

  3. Gertrude it is! she does look it! I love the look of your new old sewing machine, Libs!it looks so strong. My biggest peeve with the new ones is that they look like toy machines!


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