Rewind: My Brother's Wedding

The summer is almost over and I'm still anxious to see the wedding cd for my brother's June wedding.  BUT, at this weekend's family reunion, I was able to finally get my hands on my aunt's camera.  She let me download the photos taken with her camera and now I can finally share some with you.  :-)

We met my SIL's family for the first time the day before the wedding.  Here are our two family units.

Our two families went out for brunch.  There was food.  My aunt had her camera.  I couldn't resist.  You know me.  lol


My parents and me.

Check out the groomsmen!  (L to R:  my brother, bf from childhood, friend from recent stay in MI, brother of bride, bf from hs, cousin who escorted two ladies)

Bride and her father

Mona and Kenneth

Wedding Party

So now I've fulfilled my promise.  Soon I will upload family reunion I prepare for the other family reunion next weekend.  :-D


  1. what a lovely wedding!! wishing the happy couple love and happiness

  2. Hi Libby, I'm Flipid (rav....), thanks for sharing, it was a beauty wedding for a beauty family!!!

    Hugs! ;)

  3. What a good lookin' family you have. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding too! I just love her bouquet flowers =D

  4. Beautiful family!!
    Your parents look like they are the bride and the groom, so elegant in black and white. And you, my friend, look fab! The prettiest bridesmaid! :-D

  5. It was beautiful! I love weddings - They are genuinely happy days in anyone's life. Hope you had fun.

  6. Ohh Libby, how great was that day! And everybody is so beautiful! Your family is beautiful. What a perfect day.


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