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Ok, so this blog is not going to be about my hair/hair care regimen/natural hair, etc.  There are too many great blogs about that.  But I love to share with you the little things that make me smile and what's going on, so hence this post.

I've been reading up on protective styling and making some decisions about what kinds of styles I love and feel comfortable rocking.  This summer, in a sense, has been perfect for that.  Styles that work, styles that don't, styles that are easy, styles that are pretty but time consuming, etc.  One thing that I'm learning is that my hair, just like my skin, needs lots of moisture.  I've long since embraced the fact that getting that much-needed moisture, for my hair type, means that I wear styles that make my hair seem shorter than it is.  It's actually quite fascinating though.  I know I shouldn't admit this, but sometimes I take a little twist and play with it, going "boing, boing" in my head - like a little spring, and get excited to see it stretch out and spring back into place.  hehe

Since I've found my favorite product of the moment - Shea Moisture's Curl Smoothie - I've been doing a lot of twists and twistouts this summer.  I've noticed that I have very little, if any breakage.  I haven't been using much heat on my hair this summer so I'm sure that helps.

At this past weekend's family reunion, I rocked this twistout.  It was so humid that literally everytime I stepped outside, my hair shrank.  LOL  I call this photo, "the twistout that the humidity almost took out!"  But this style lasted 2 weeks so I can't complain.

After the family reunion, I quit twisting my hair at night because I was supposed to wash it.  I got lazy and just slapped some of that moisturizer up there for a few days, threw on a headband and left.  This is what that style looked like.

Finally I washed my hair.  I blow dried it, for the sake of time, and here you see how thick and how much my hair has grown since last September.  Y'all it's almost been a year since I big chopped!  I can't believe it.  I took this photo on yesterday.

Well, that blow out isn't lasting for long.  I'm getting ready to twist it back up today.  Got another family reunion coming this weekend and I'm not feeling the afro puff.  I'm loving the twists way too much.  :-)


  1. I can't believe your hair has grown that much since the big chop. I just love your hair braided or twisted. It just looks good. Have fun at the reunion.

    I have to tell you that Em finally got a copy of the Lucy Whipple book from the library and she loved it. She was happy to read that Lucy wasn't going to leave her Mom. She nearly cried about that part.

    Have a great weekend Libby!


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