Pride Cometh Before a Fall

Last night, I felt this overwhelming urge to continue on the AKA bag project.  Despite being a wee bit exhausted, I finished attaching the magnetic clasps and pressed on to complete the sewing of the bag lining.  Following GeGe Crochet's bag lining tutorial, I was pumped.  I measured, remeasured, added a little *just in case*, cut my fabric and headed to the ironing board and sewing machine.  It was getting late, but I was determined to finish that bag lining.

I worked until the bag was complete.  I even made my on iron-on labels and attached my label on the inside of the bag.  You should have seen me....I even did a little jig.  You should have seen her (the bag lining) looking back at me with such *pride* to be constructed so well, reinforced seams and all.  I even took a picture of her with my camera phone.

Then today I accompanied a friend out of town and since I wasn't driving I decided to handstitch this bag lining to the bag.  Only having a little sleep, I had forgotten to replace my sewing pins into my trusty little bag that always accompanies my crochet projects.  No matter, the lining was *perfect*, right?  So I started stitching it in place as I went with my transparent thread.

As we reached our destination, I realized that I was nearing the last section of the lining....only to find out that I had more fabric than I had crocheted bag.  WHAT????  See, had I pinned the lining, I would have noticed that and could have gathered the lining.  Who can gather the last 4 inches and say it looks okay?  Not me; it's the way I'm wired that won't allow me to do that.  Why did this happen?  The tutorial was perfect (thanks, GeGe); but it was the part I added *just in case* which I didn't need.  Trust the tutorial, Libby.  You've gotta trust.

So, the lining must be ripped from the bag and restitched into place using gathers or I won't be satisfied.  Like I said, it's the way I'm wired.  LOL

We're almost to the finish line, good people!

The lining has a double pocket which includes a pocket for a cell phone and 
a pocket for other things pocket-sized.

p.s.  I dropped my thrift shop sewing machine off at the sewing machine shop today.  The shop owner commented, "well, the motor runs and that's a good thing".  I should know something either way by the end of this week or the beginning of next.  Crossing my fingers.


  1. I'm loving that bag and the lining goes great, I've been having lining trials too with my hex bag, just wait and see! LOL

  2. I've been in that same spot Libby. Always wanting to add extra just in case. Oh well, you will have it fixed in no time and it will look FAB!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad that my tutorial is useful. :) Your bag turned out insanely gorgeous!! I'm also glad that my tutorial works on non-felted bags- I've not tried it yet. ;)


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