New Year, New Do

Today (Wednesday) was the first day back for the students.  I wore one of my favorite dresses - the brown and white polka dotted one with the brown shrug.  Well, the other day I wanted to see if I could create the cinnabun hairdo with my natural hair.  I used to wear this style a lot in 2009 when I was transitioning from the perm to the natural style, but since I big chopped my hair wasn't long enough to tuck into the bun pieces.

I tried this style for the first day of school and it is actually working, which means, YAY, my hair is actually growing.  The difference is that since it is shorter, I have to create more bun pieces, but that's okay.  Now I have another "go-to" style, especially for work, that doesn't take long to do.  Many thanks to motorcitymoxie on YouTube for this style.

The Cinnabun while Transitioning in 2009:

The Cinnabun with all natural hair in 2010:


  1. I think it looks great on you Libby! Here's to another great year for you! :)


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