Nearing the Finish Line

Although Gertrude sews just fine, I don't know how all her functions operate and I'm not a sewing-machine guru.  Last night before giving way to the sleepy eye, it seemed like the needle wasn't centered and the bobbin thread kept getting caught.  I think it's probably something I've done to throw it off because I was testing "everything".  But since I don't know what her correct settings should be, I'll give the sewing machine shop a call.  I think I'll also look online to find a machine manual that I can download.

Not wanting to break my stride, I pulled out my first sewing machine and kept on trucking this morning.  I'm on the last steps and feeling pretty good.  Then I can finally do something about this bed head situation.  lol

ETA:  The bobbin on the other machine started skipping a stitch ever so often so I just gave up for now.  I love the actual sewing part, but when I can't fix these type of things, it gets to me.  I only had two stitches left to make the casing.   I had decided to hand-stitch the casing closed but I still wanted to have that pink top stitching on the outside.  That makes it a little prettier.  Oh well.  Moving on to the piles of clothes that I'm washing and to my hair...

ETA:  As I do not like being defeated, I purchased an online download of this old machine's (Gertrude's) manual.  I have discovered the problem and fixed it!  Partly it was the tension for sewing on the pocket.  The material was only one layer so I needed to adjust the tension.  The other factor was that the settings that the sewing machine shop left me with were not the right settings for the basic stitching.  When I looked at the test fabric they always leave under the needles, I assumed that the settings were ready to be used as so.  As my former geometry teacher used to say, "Assume Nothing!"  I have now set the straight stitching settings correctly and look forward to finishing this project maybe later on today.  :-D


  1. Asking the shop to repair it is a good idea. I wish you could give me some lessons about machine sewing - mom tried some time ago but I don't like stepping on the pedal and didn't learn a thing.

  2. You go Libby! A girl who can't be stopped!! Love it.

  3. I really love sewing, but like you, I really don't like the techie part... :D I am SO lucky! since my husband knows about sewing machines a LOT more than I do, and he usually gives mine anything it needs in maintenance! he thinks it is funny, though, my little machine, since he's used to the power of the big industrial ones

  4. Hi Libby!
    Congrats to the award, and thanks for thinking of me :)

    Wish you a nice weekend!

  5. love the tenacity! Brandy and I had a sewing party on my birthday... not my #1 craft but I love how fast everything goes!


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