Kimono Floral Handbag

My weekend project is complete.  Yesterday I finished the sewing portion after my long stint of rotating between machines, and today I finished a little embellishment to add a little something something to the outside of the bag.  I'm very pleased with the final product.

This handbag is constructed out of a kimono floral 100% cotton print I purchased this summer.  The lining is also made of an 100% cotton fabric, but in a blush pink color.  Even the threads I used were cotton.  Inside the bag is a double pocket; one sized for a cell phone and the other for little odds and ends.  The 6" handles are natural cane.

Although I love the simplistic look of this bag, I thought it needed a little embellishment so I crocheted a two-tone flower and placed a fabric covered button as the center.  The flower is a pin that is detachable.

Despite some setbacks along the way, I enjoyed making this bag and look forward to future projects.


  1. I know I should comment about this environment friendly bag but I can't help but notice the background. It enhances perfectly the kimono fabric!
    My dolls' dresses are made of Japanese cotton too, they are the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen. The flower pin is just the right embellishment this bag needs.

  2. Hello Libby,

    Congratulations on your finished bag. I just love it. It's very feminine(my favorite part!) and beautiful. The pin gives it just the right touch as well.

    Kind regards.

  3. I think you did a FAB job on the bag! Love the little flower. :)

  4. you are so talented, the bag looks great!

    what's up with us and our moods? LOL
    Please bad mood, go away!

    Have a great week, Libby!


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