Greetings from NC

In grad school I had a Canadian professor.  Everytime he emails me his subject is always "Greetings from ....".  That way I know where he's writing from and I do the same now whenever we correspond.  So, I bring you greetings from NC!

Just the other day I posted that I had received my swap package from my swap partner in England.  Today I mailed her package.  I hope it takes the few days to reach her as hers took to reach me. 

So what did I send?

...a magazine specific to our state; hence the name "Our State" [lol], 2 skeins of cotton yarn that is produced in my state, a portfolio from the Chamber of Commerce with brochures and highlights of my county, our local newspaper, a big bar of chocolate produced in our country, a bag of Werther's because it's been around for a long while and it's made in our country, a license plate representing our high school (people here are big Raider fans - don't play), a neckwarmer just in case England gets that rough winter like last year, a NC money clip and a lighthouse (our state icon) magnet...

Do you know how hard it is to find things made in the USA that can be shipped overseas?  Everything that reminded me of "home" was made in China.  lol  

Ok, I think I'm all swapped out for a while.  International shipping fees are a bit rough on the purse.  :-D


  1. I think you did a great job on getting things together. I'm sure it will all be loved. :)

  2. Cool swatch, and nice gifts you sent :) Aren't you curious now to see what you will receive from the UK ?

  3. What a super swap package! I didn't know that about lighthouses and NC. I like 'em too!

  4. Libby, you did a great job at gathering items to represent NC and the USA. I'm sure your swap partner will be very happy to receive it. Any package that contains chocolate would get me excited. :-D


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