Goodies from Devon

Devon, UK that is.  Today I received the package from the "Area Swap" I'm participating in on Ravelry.  I feel a bit guilty because I'm still packaging mine.  I can't believe it only took 5 days for this package to reach me.  It's funny how the mail goes.

Anyways, I'll be sending my package out this week and I wanted to show you what goodies have arrived from Devon.

postcard, bookmark, handkerchief, candle, pin cushion, chocolate, refrigerator magnet, little book, yarns, fingerless gloves, fudge, and a card holder.

Can we say, "yum, yum"!


  1. looks like a fantastic swap package! the blue mitts looks super soft.

  2. It all looks great but I would be all over the chocolate. :)

  3. You lucky girl! What a great swap. Amazing.


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