Enthusiasm Pottery: The Birth of a Bowl

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to visit again with Cynthia B. Harrell of Enthusiasm Pottery, but this time with some friends.  In her studio she explained the artistic concepts behind different styles of pottery.  We learned about bisque firing, raku pottery, glazes, and more.  I believe for me, it was at that point that I realized just how much science is behind the art itself and I was amazed.

After leaving her studio (and many purchases later), we headed across the driveway to enter into her other workspace.  There we watched her transform a lump of clay into a beautiful bowl.  I know that this bowl has many more steps before it will land on any of her display shelves, but it was moving for me to watch this metamorphosis so much so that I had to grab my camera out of the car.  For me, art is not just about the finished piece but about the process.  So I wanted to share this moment with you:


  1. Thanks Libby! Pottery is so cool isn't it. Cynthia is very good. I have to go check out her other creations. :)

  2. I have always wanted to take a pottery class. Maybe I will now! Great pics.


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