Swaps, Swaps, and more Swaps

Swap #1
If you recall, a few months ago I participated in this magic ball swap through a Ravelry group.  Only a few people participated and the way the swap was set up, you sent your magic ball to one person but someone else sent their magic ball to you.  I had fun finding the requested yarn and stuffing it with lots of goodies.  Then at some point I realized that everyone had received their magic ball except me.  I will admit that it was a tad disappointing, but that's the "risk" you take with swaps and I know the person that received my magic ball enjoyed it, so I was okay with that.  When the moderators realized that I didn't receive my magic ball, one of them volunteered to sent me one (even though she had already sent one out to the person who was supposed to send me mine).  Isn't that so sweet!

My magic ball arrived today.  It's a pretty peachy color and it smells soooo good!  I'm just wondering what's inside that makes it smell so wonderfully.  Even my car smells like it now.  I think it's because of this scorching heat.  I'll be good and crochet my way to the presents.  I've never had "Royal Mail" before.  Thanks, MrsCampion!!!

Swap #2
Some time ago a long-time Flickr/Ravelry friend contacted me about swapping yarn.  Apparently and ironically in India it's difficult to find cotton yarns so we decided to swap cotton for....sari silk yarn!!!  To buy sari silk yarn here would be tres expensive and even though I can't find decent cotton in my small city, ordering it from Knit Picks was a fast option.  My swap partner also requested assorted buttons and I asked for a piece of batik cotton.  Again, batiks are so expensive here.  I saw a quilted batik in Hancocks the other day for $20 bucks a yard.  And it stayed right there in the store.  So as I package this sportweight heathered purple cotton and assorted button package to India, I will await the beautiful sari silk yarn and fabric that's on its way to the U.S.  Can't wait!

Swap #3
This month I'm also participating in an Area Swap.  I am paired with someone from the UK.  I am to send her things to represent where I live and she will do the same.  I have a couple of days left in the month to figure it out, but I'll get back with you when I do.  I think I'll get some things to represent my state moreso than my city or a little of both.  We'll see.

Swap #4
Since we're talking about swaps, scoot right on over to Gloria's blog and check out her new swap idea.


  1. I love the color of the peach yarn...I wonder what's hiding inside? LOL

  2. Hurry and get working on that magic ball Libby! I've got to see what is in it. :)

    I'd be leaving $20 a yard fabric sitting on the shelf also. I'm a tight wad. I go for what is on sale and then try to use my coupon also. :)

  3. how fun! I love the idea of a magic ball =D Looks like you're addicted to swaps like I was!! I wish I had the time to participate in them like I used to. Can't wait to see what goodies you unravel!


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