So This Is Me...

So, I mentioned that I took out those afro twists after wearing them for 3 months.  I loved that style, but in truth, I probably wore it a little too long because the texture was so similar to my own hair that when I began to take it out it was difficult and very time consuming.  Very time consuming.  My ends were not okay in my book so I grabbed the scissors and snipped, snipped, snipped...without using a mirror.  My friend who was riding in the car beside me was livid.  (I wasn't driving, y'all.  I was also a passenger - with scissors.)

After washing and a deep conditioning treatment, I decided to use a curl pudding product that has been the rave for so long.  I waited months to finally try it out only to discover that it flakes!!!  So for me, I'm going back to square one to find the right combination of products.  After I wash my hair this week, I think I'll try another twist out using this leave-in protein mix conditioner and that whipped shea butter I made.  Keep it simple, right?

Ok, so this is me at a pottery show from last week.  (Stay tuned because I will have pottery show pics soon!!!)  The potter used my camera to take a picture of me.  This is me:

I was inspired by SoFull Sista's recent post on having a mid-year length check, that I think I'll do the same.  I should have done that before all the snipping, but it'll grow back.  Plus you'll be surprised when I post just how much of my 4b/4c hair is still there. 

Until then,


  1. what a lovely photo! you have beautiful kind eyes! a very pretty lady in deed x

  2. Wow girl!!!

    do you realize how beautiful you are???

    Love the photos!!!! love your hair! and your stunt of cutting your hair? I'd be the one laughing and holding the bag for you to put the forlorn cut locks in!


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