Last night I worked some in the car on my dishcloth.  My job was to reach the halfway point before the sun went down.  Mission accomplished.  Now I have to continue decreasing until I'm done.

This crochet WIP is the project I began in the doctor's office lobby.  It's for the niece of someone who just recently pledged AKA.  This is definitely a custom order.  I've just run out of pink yarn in the most *convenient place*.  (Note my sarcasm here.)  I only needed to crochet a couple of more rows with it.  Then I can begin the adornment process with the ivy and the pearls, line the bag, etc.  It even has feet!


  1. Love that pink color Libby. And I assume that the gorgeous fabric under the bag is for the lining? Gorgeous!

  2. Love the blue color of that dishcloth! And wow, I'm impressed by the lettering you created for that custom order. Very nice!

  3. That's a nice bag indeed :)

  4. I'm just gonna be ahead and admit to being the dumb one... I don't know what AKA is, but that bat is gorgeous!

  5. CT: AKA stands for "Alpha Kappa Alpha". It's a female sorority. You can check it out here:


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