In Case You're Wondering...

Yes, I still crochet!  I'll have to admit that this summer hasn't been as I had thought it would, although I'm enjoying it and the time off.  It's been sort of choppy with various obligations and such, but I finally found a short segment of time to crochet...while waiting for someone at the doctor's office.

The latest tidbits:
  • Met up with one of my favorite high school friends whose husband has whisked her away to the great state of Washington meaning we only see each other perhaps once a year.  This time it was a 1 1/2 year wait.  It was so good to see her.  I look forward to those visits.
  • Just finished teaching a week-long session on elementary science. Lots of studying and preparing.  Had a blast!
  • Had a discussion on tea recently and heard about new teas - Daintree tea (Australian) and Yerba Mate (South American rainforests). So what's in my cup right now?  Mate Chocolatt√©.  Tastes great.  I can afford it.  Fair trade certified.  And it has a hint of chocolate flavor.  What more could a girl ask for?  
  • Taking a two day knitting class next week.  Maybe I can ask a few questions.
  • Was directed to a new hair product.  It's fabulous.  It smells good.  Again, I can afford it.  I don't have to order it because it's at Target.  It doesn't flake.  And it makes my hair soft and moist.  "The company purchases ingredients directly from women cooperatives and indigenous farmers in Africa, paying above market prices to help improve the standard of living for those suppliers."  It's like a dream come true.  It makes my hair do cool things like in the picture of me above. 
 Great for twisting.  (My hair is so thick!  Can you tell?  lol)  And for twistouts (like the 1st picture of me) - image 1 and image 2. Hair note:  twistouts vary from person to person depending on hair length, texture, and some other variables.
  • And now I'll be preparing to teach 3rd grade.  I've taught 5th grade for 12 years now.  I'm excited about the change.
* Giving credit where credit is due:  All product photographs link to their respective websites. 


  1. Libby, come visit your friend here in Washington and we can meet!!!

  2. Glad to hear about you crafting! Yes, sometimes life is not what we expected but still we have to go on. Even if your holidays are not what you wanted, at least there are days where you aren't working and have time to spend in those situations, don't you think?
    What are you doing on that pic? I am curious. :-)

  3. Your summer still sounds busy!!!How exciting to be changing grades! 5th graderrs are specia;but 3rd graders have a charm all their own. Suerte!

  4. great post, glad that you got time to crochet :) you looked great in that photo by the way, I havent had chance to crochet as My hand is swollen and so sore :( oh well have a lovely Sunday :)

  5. Libby seems like you've had a busy summer but it always nice to connect with an old friend.


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