Grilled Chicken Barley Salad

Last night I was browsing the Canadian Living site and I stumbled upon this recipe:  Grilled Chicken Barley Salad.  I just had to make it and I'm so glad I did.  I followed the recipe almost as written, for I did not have wine vinegar so I used rice vinegar instead.  I also scaled the recipe down to two but doubled the vinaigrette sauce because I didn't think what I saw after taking out the part for marinating was sufficient.

After making the dish, I served it on top of a bed of steamed spinach with a slice of garlic focaccia bread.  One word:  "Delicious"!


  1. Great photo. That dish looks tasty.

  2. Now this looks very yummy and the picture looks like its straight out of a food magazine.

  3. Piggy back!!! Your food shot's get better every time you post one. This by far is the best. I can only expect more greatness from this point on. LOL!!!

  4. This meal is almost identical to the dinner I have planned for tonight! mm mm mm! Well, minus the delicous looki foccacia you had. =D


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