This is actually a repost from my other blog which will close down soon.  Salvaging some posts while I can.  I've finally decided to manage all of my "expressions" on this blog.  And still there will be more changes....  :-D

But anyways, I decided to repost this post after reading about the wonderful buckwheat pancakes Shevon made.  Her post reminded me of these very tasty oat bran pancakes I had at Foster's during my spring vacation.  Thanks, Shevon!  Now I'll have to try your pancake recipe.
Not too long ago I had the pleasure of having breakfast at Foster's Market in Durham, NC.  Truth be told, I hadn't visited that restaurant in over 10 years, but after being reminded of it again in a post written by Heidi Swanson, I thought it high time that I visit this restaurant again.  Was I disappointed?  No.  Could I eat it all.  NO!  Was it worth every penny?  Yes!

So what did I order?  Their pancake special.  Oat bran pancakes topped with fresh fruit and almond slivers, along with a glass of water.  I ate outdoors in the little bistro sets amongst the flower beds and farm equipment.  And loved every minute of it.  :-)

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