Enthusiasm Pottery

This month Cynthia B. Harrell of Enthusiam Pottery held a pottery show/sale event in her studio, and I had the opportunity to photograph the event for her.  Cynthia B. Harrell, painter/potter, is the owner of Transforming Spirit Art Studio and the Enthusiasm Pottery line.

Meet the Artist:
   I am an artist who has great enthusiasm for what I do everyday!
I love the moment when a surge of creative energy and potential is transformed into a work of art.
The moment that results from the light of inspiration pushing against the darkness.
A moment in which I am as molded and changed as is the clay in my hands or the white canvas before me.
A moment of freedom and inspiration and worship. A glorious moment of discovery!
What a joyous moment is mine!
Take a Moment...  
(taken from her website:  Transforming Spirit Art Studio)

The following is just a glimpse of what Enthusiasm Pottery has to offer: 

Upcoming Events:
  • The 2010 State Fair Pottery Display (October 14 – 24, 2010)
  • The Sanford Pottery Festival Christmas Show (New, Dec. 4 & 5)
  • The 2010 North Carolina Pottery Fair (2nd year, Dec. 11 & 12.)
  • The Tenth Annual Sanford Pottery Festival, (April 30, May 1, 2011)


  1. wow, her pottery is gorgeous!
    your pictures, too. ;O)

  2. Cynthia is one talented lady! Gorgeous work! She has a beautiful smile. Thanks for sharing her with us Libby!

  3. I love the colors, texture and how you photographed it all. One part in particular that I loved was seeing the pottery interact with what it was intended. Example the plate with cookies and the mug being held with hands. If she has a website then she should use these to help show off her craftsmanship.

  4. Great set Libby and I'm sure that she will enjoy these as I did. Love the rich vibrant colors too.

  5. wow - gorgeous pottery! Your photographs really feature her work well.

  6. Cool pottery! Love that big blue cup :)


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