CW Craft's Knitting Session #2

Yesterday I attended part 2 of 2 of my knitting class.  I was so excited that my teacher liked my dishcloth and that I actually finished on time (although I didn't get to class on time - got stuck in the post office trying to mail off one of my swap packages.  Custom forms were a bit different.)  Anyways, here's my completed dishcloth.  And although I don't have any more classes unless I call her, I was given the assignment to make an identical cloth then try one of the patterns my teacher gave me that includes purling to create this raised design on the cloth.

After inspecting the dishcloth, since I was the only student, I had a big say in what the second session was about.  So, I learned the correct purling method.  My teacher showed me how to change colors, weave in edges, I brought my circulars and she showed me how to use them like straight needles and how to knit in the round.  Finally I pulled out a set of circular knitting looms I found at a thrift store last year for like $1 and she showed me how to knit hats using the looms.  I can't wait to try more of these techniques on my own, but I must be patient and put myself on a leash!

When I got home I wanted to do EVERYTHING but as I was on the leash, I decided to work more on the AKA bag which has provided quite an interesting combination of skills - crocheting in the round, drawing and using charts, cross stitching (I think I last did that in jr. high!), and eventually some beading.  I worked some on the bag while watching Julie and Julia (such a good movie; makes me want to cook something).  I need to fix and bead the ivy, attach the handles, a closure, and line the bag.  So here's where I am now:

My mom invited me to go thrift/consignment shopping with her on Saturday.  I've never been much of a clothing shopper, but I sure am curious about what is to be seen in the Habitat for Humanity Store.  :-)

I know I skipped Thursday's post which I can't wait to write after-the-fact.  Let's just say the day involved yarn, pottery, photography, scrap bins, and a great Thai Chicken wrap!  Details later.....


  1. You are one busy girl! Have fun with your Mom. Hope you find something good. Can't wait to hear about what happened on Thursday. Sounds like a blast! Hope you have a great weekend Libby!

  2. Isn't it fun learning new stuff? I'm glad you are loving your knitting. The bag is going to turn out darling! Good luck @ the thrift store.

  3. Yay! You finished your knitted dishcloth!
    I can't wait to hear all the details about your day.


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