The Big Day Arrives...

On Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 2:30 p.m, my brother and his fiance were united in holy matrimony.  It was a truly beautiful occasion.  The church was packed.  White tulle and pink flowers with silver ribbons adorned the edge of each pew. 

Bridesmaids in their watermelon pink dresses and boleros and silver shoes carrying a bouquet of flowers with silver ribbons throughout.  Groomsmen in their black tuxedos, white shirts, and silver-gray vests.  The groom in similar attire with the exception of having a white on white vest.  And the bride in a dress fit for a princess with a white bolero and a tiara and veil.  It was magical.

 All the bouquets, including the bride's bouquet and the floral arrangements on the edge of the pews were made by the bride's SIL.  I believe my brother married into another crafty family.  :-)

I was also amazed at the turn out.  It was certain that the bride would have a lot of people attending, but as for my brother, it was looking like it might only be a few people on his behalf.  That's what happens when you marry someone from out-of-state.  Surprisingly, I met so many people from my brother's life.  He's been in Michigan for 2 years and lots of people from Michigan drove down and those from other states as well.  We were all surprised.  I just enjoyed the fact that everyone felt like family...already.  I can't really explain it, but it felt really good.

After the ceremony, we took a series of wedding photographs in the church.  Then the wedding party left to go to another location for pictures.  On the way there, we stopped by the bride's grandmother's house so that she could see us all dressed up.  She was unable to attend due to a recent surgery.  That was so sweet.

The next series of pictures was taken outside of a museum.  Just imagine the stone steps with Latin words engraved in the stone above.  Beautiful.  I can't wait to see all the pictures.

The reception was held at "Mr. Anthony's".  All of the tables had white linens.  The head table was decorated with the bridesmaids bouquets, little heart candies, and vases of pink flowers atop a silver foil.  The meal consisted of pastas, meatballs, caesar salad, baked/fried chicken, string beans with almonds, and mashed potatoes.  It was a blend of Italian and Southern American styles.  The wedding cake was a marbled cake.  Very moist and delicious.

While the reception was going on, the photographer slipped out and printed and framed a couple of pictures of the bride and groom from the museum and presented it to them.

The day was wonderful and in the end only one person had to go to the hospital.

I'm still longing for pictures, but the reception had a very traditional setup with all the wedding party sitting at the head table.  I couldn't have very well pulled a camera from behind my ear and started photographing my food.  I'll just have to be patient.  In the meantime, here's a picture of me that the best man took with his cellphone in the limo.  :-)

* Despite all this bridesmaid action you see, the day really was about the bride and groom.  I can only photograph what I have though.  LOL


  1. Love the dress Libby! I know you looked wonderful in it just by the looks of the headshot in the limo. And how absolutely SWEET to stop by the bride's grandmothers so she could see you all. You guys are the BEST!!!


  2. Beautiful beautiful dress! And shoes! I can't wear those heels but they are beautiful!

  3. That is a gorgeous dress! You've got to use that passport and go on a cruise so that you can wear it again!

  4. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of you in your finery!! The dress and accessories were all in very good taste and beautiful.

  5. The colors and design of the dresses are beautiful!

  6. Excellent Libby and you know that I love the shoe shot.


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