"Vacation" and Friends

One thing I love about the mountains, is that retreat-like feeling that (for me) seems to be not achieved in any other part of the world.  Just you (and friends or family), in a high altitude amongst all that nature has to offer.  Crisp, fresh air.  Solitude.  I truly love the mountains.  That's the beauty of where I live.  If you drive across my state, you can visit the mountains, the piedmont, and the beach - all in a day if you start out early.

Well, I took a "vacation" today.  Not to the mountains, but to my friends M and A's house.  It was such a refreshing break in the day.  All those feelings I mentioned above are what I felt at their house.  Like I was on top of the world in this place where nothing else mattered.  Like a big *sigh* after a long, hard day.

I went there to surprise M with a few things, but they surprised me instead!

 On the drive up, I met their chickens....in the chicken house M and A built!

We munched on their fresh tomatoes!  Oh, so much better than store-bought!

You remember this hat?  She likes it!!!  :-D

I received a basket of fresh basil, tomatoes, okra, and a dozen eggs!

Again, check out those fresh eggs!

And two prints by Ivey Hayes!!!  I love African-American artwork.  
Mr. Hayes also attended my alma mater.  Eagle Pride!

Thanks, M!


  1. sounds like a great vacation day trip. That my idea of making it through the summer, a day here and a day there. Your photos are fabulous as usual♥

  2. How nice! I was starting to feel a little relaxed just reading this lol. That basket is great.

  3. What a great lil trip! You're right about fresh tomatoes, they are totally diffrent(way better!) than store bought.

  4. what a wonderful post - oh it had me really wanting to be there!!

  5. That's great! I love fresh food. It would be nice to visit your state and view those mountains.


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