Wedding - June 5, 2010

On June 5, 2010, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful wedding ceremony.  It felt nice to sit in the audience and be a witness to this union.  But after the pastor said, "I introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. ----", and everyone ooohed and ahhhed, I felt I felt the urge to be behind the lens.

While the real photographers were taking wedding party pictures, the rest of us moseyed down to the first reception which consisted of very light hors d'oeuvres.  I captured as many images as I could for the bride and groom.

After that reception, some of us attended the reception dinner.  It was held in the Nasher Museum of Art.  Très chic!

Below is a slideshow of some of the day and evening's festivities, but I first have to give proper homage to this amazing cake - both in flavor and in design.

And now the slideshow:


  1. The 1st shot of the couple in front of the glass with their heads touching is PRICELESS. Many other truly nice and professional shots in here. You've got an excellent eye and I can't wait to see where "your urge to get behind the lens" takes you.

  2. What a gorgeous wedding! I love that cake - can I have a piece? ;-) Best wishes to the happy couple.

  3. What beautiful photos! Photography is something I recently became interested in. I'll be stopping by for tips! Thanks for the encouragement - let's hope this time my blog sticks lol.

  4. The pictures you took of the fresh married couple are awesome. You have got such a good "eye".

  5. what a wonderful day and beautiful couple xx

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