Preparing for the Big Day...

This week my family and I traveled to Ohio for my brother's wedding.  We rented a Suburban to house ourselves and all the stuff we brought along.  And it was a lot of stuff.  Presents from people who couldn't attend the wedding, regular clothes in suitcases and then all of those suitbags for the wedding and other church events.  You know my mom packed lots of food and then a neighbor wanted to help us out and she packed lots of more food and gave it to us right before we left. 

We stopped in Virginia to pick up a great aunt and her things, spent the night there and traveled to VA the next day.  Because of so many things going on prior to the wedding, my dad was gracious to drive the first shift to give me a chance to finish crocheting my then future SIL's present.  * Let me back track:  I failed to mention that I began this present with two skeins of yarn purchased in the capital city back in April.  Shortly after beginning my project, the yarn ran out and I was devastated!  I called the LYS and they had 4 skeins left which they graciously mailed that Saturday and the yarn arrived on Monday.  We left on Wednesday so it was a very close call.  I'll have to send that store a thank you note. * So I was crocheting as fast as I could in the car.  By the time we arrived in Maryland, I was finished with the body of the project.  The rest was completed in Ohio since I drove from Maryland to Ohio.  While I wasn't crocheting in the car, I was teaching my aunt to crochet her second stitch - the slip stitch.  I was excited to discover she was learning crochet and had a kit.  Yay!

We finally arrived in Ohio Thursday afternoon.  Thursday afternoon was filled with meeting up with my brother (who had just driven in the day before from Michigan), finding the church, and dining with my future SIL.  And a little crocheting in between.  :-)  With the wedding just around the corner, it was kinda hectic because the wedding party hadn't arrived and trying to figure lots of final details and such.  Almost everybody in the wedding party were coming from different states and arriving to Ohio at different times.  So you can imagine.

On Friday, family and guests and wedding party participants started arriving and finally it felt like the wedding was going to come together.  Our family had brunch with the future in-laws.  It was our first time meeting and it was wonderful!!!  It's nice to meet people and they feel like your family.

Outside of the restaurant, I was able to take some pre-wedding photos of my brother and future SIL.  Gotta make the most out of your time and environment.

That night, we had the wedding rehearsal dinner in the church fellowship hall, then the wedding rehearsal the church.  The wedding director was so organized.  She's been directing weddings for over 30 years and she knew what she was doing.  We rehearsed about 30 minutes.  I think my brother and I were the only ones who hadn't been in a wedding before and I think we were just praying we didnt' "mess up" the next day!  My extra prayer was that I didn't trip going down the aisle in these high heels!  LOL

...stay tuned for more in the next post....

(I know you're shocked not to see more pics, but trust me it was pretty hard to maneuver and I didn't have my tiny camera.  Some pics will come later as they are on my aunt's camera.  More about that to come as well...)


  1. It sounds like you had a FAB trip with your family. Can't wait to hear about the rest of it Libby. Glad to have you back for more of your wonderful posts!


  2. How fun Libby all the excitement of being in a wedding! Have a good time and congratulations to your brother and your family.


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