Just a Quick Update

This weekend I managed to finish two more hats for the kids.  I know it seems like I keep saying I only have to do one more, but really, now, I only have to make one more. 

My co-worker that requested the black hat/scarf set, decided to get another set for a friend.  No rush though.  It's such a fall item.

I had a fabulous late afternoon on yesterday.  Details to come, but I will say that in my nearby goings I stumbled upon an up-and-coming independent craft store.  They just started adding fabric now that Wal-Mart is officially out of the business everywhere I know and visit.  They have some yarns.  I wouldn't have to purchase there, but they offer customers the opportunity to make purchases through an abundance of catalogs!  And there's tons more, but you must be patient....

After I came back home yesterday, I checked on the day lilies that I was given earlier this season.  It's been hard here because we've been lacking rain, but lately it's been raining and stormy practically every day.  The lilies are super thankful.  Can you "spot" what I saw?

Then I came inside and finished editing the nearly 100 photos from the bridal shower.  That cd is in the mail as we speak.

That's it for now.  :-)


  1. You are such a wonderful teacher to make all those wonderful hats for your students each year! You are the sweetest!

    Isn't it great to see the blooms finally show themselves. I love seeing all the gorgeous colors around the yard.

  2. wow...u been busy.....Hope all is going well...:)

  3. Hi Libby! School's out for summer here in the heartland! I'm finally gonna have some time for blogging again. I love the hats, especially the one with the cute button. You recipe looks delicious too. Thansk for sharing. Hope you don't have too many days left. Happy Friday!

  4. you are a great person, lucky kids and lucky friends to have you.

  5. Looking forward to watching you and your business grow.


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