Crafting for the Big Day...

As I mentioned in the last post, I was busy crocheting a present for my future SIL.  I failed to mention that I was also busy making a hat for my mom prior to our road trip.

About Mom's hat:
After Mom finally found an outfit that she was satisfied with, she asked for a hat.  She said she didn't want a full-sized hat, but just some form of head covering.  We went to our local independent bridal shop and found a small head piece form.  It was similar in size and shape to a yarmulke.  Between visiting Joann's and Hobby Lobby, I came out with some gold tulle, some gold and ivory edging/ribbon/rope-like material, and ivory and gold flowers.  I've never made a hat like this before, but I just mulled over it in my head awhile, played around with the materials a bit, and finally got started.  My Mom was very pleased with the hat and that's all the response I needed. 

So  here's the hat:

About my future SIL's gift:
This past New Year's, my brother's fiance came to visit and lived with me for about a week.  During that time she mentioned if I could make her a pink scarf.  I never forgot that, but you remember all the other projects I was already doing and I never got around to it.  Then winter was over and I decided to make her a pink shawl instead.  I searched online for the pattern I wanted, read over the reviews of people who made this shawl and then got started, ran out of yarn, then got started again.  Prior to blocking, the scarf was 50 inches long and I never made the intended 116 rows.  Good thing I didn't because after blocking this shawl was super long.  I had to "block" this shawl in the hotel using the shower curtain rod.  You do what you must.  The size fits perfectly on her and is able to wrap around like a pashmina.  She was very pleased with her gift and so was her mom.  I think her mom likes pink too.  :-)

Here's the shawl:


  1. you are so talented, Libby.
    the pink shawl is beautiful, I am sure your future SIL will love it!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Your Mom's hat is beautiful and the shawl is fantastic with that pattern and color. You rock Libby!

  3. Lovely shawl!! Perfect. And the hat is greet too.

  4. The hat is outstanding! it is amazing what you created with a little tulle and I love the shawl!

  5. Wow Libby you did a beautiful job with the hat for your mom it looks so pretty on her, she's beautiful. Love the scarf also you made for your sister.

  6. You know, when I am getting married (LOL) I want to wear a hat made by you. It's gorgeous!!
    I like long pashminas too. It looks great on your SIL.
    And congratulations on your new family member!

  7. the hat and the shawl (me and my five year old love, love pink :) are so lovely Libby!
    and I'm so impressed that you got the shawl finished up while traveling-definite skills!


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