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Ever worked on a project that you loved so much that you couldn't wait to give it to the person you made it for?  That's how I felt last night when I finished up a gift for a co-worker friend.  She's been such a great help this year.  One act of kindness deserves another, right?

I really enjoyed working on this bag and was ecstatic when another friend helped me pick out this fabulous fabric on Friday.  (Note the alliteration here - fabulous fabric Friday!)  The body of the bag was really simple and mindless to some degree.  The handles took some thought, as it was a new pattern.  The most tedious work is always the finishing process, which for this bag was the fabric lining.  After I finished the bag, I drew out a fabric pattern to match.  I machine sewed the lining to create a bag the exact shape as the crocheted one, but a tad smaller.  Then I hand-stitched the lining to the inside of the crocheted bag.

The bag was delivered today and she loved it, which of course made me all smiles. I think I'll have to make this bag again, but shorten it some by decreasing the amount of repeated chevron stitches. 

And yes, I used yarn stash.  I only purchased two small skeins of the ecru and variegated cotton yarns.  Did you realize that it's past June 5th and I'm officially off the diet????  I didn't celebrate by running to the nearest yarn store.  I think I may have been fixed.  The self-employed intervention just might have worked.  Hummm....


  1. Wonderful fabulous fabric you picked for the bag Libby! The whole bag is great. And the colors you used are perfect for a bright sunny day out somewhere.

    You are a strong willed girl for not going out and getting more yarn. Proud of you!

  2. Libby, this is fantastic!!

  3. Wow very nice, I'm sure this took a pretty long time to make. I love giving handmade gifts. It's also rewarding when you can tell the person really loved it.

  4. oh Libby, you did a wonderful job!

  5. Really wonderful bag, and such joy!

  6. Such a really beautiful bag!! I loved the colour and fabric! Love your blog and look forward to getting to know you xx

  7. I LOVE it! And it's green and brown! And you are smart enough to figure out how to line a tote bag like this! Did I say I love it? :-D

    By the way, the name is so cool. I can picture your friend going to the market and choosing fresh vegetables to make dinner.

  8. Lovely bag Libby, great for the market definitely!

  9. Thank you SOOOOO much for my bag! Everyone gives me so many compliments whenever they see it. I definitely don't feel I did enough to earn such an awesome gift, but I'll learn to deal with it!



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