The Weekend Update

Had a busy, yet fun weekend.  I went out of town this weekend to the city where I attended undergraduate school.  Yesterday I spent the morning at the Scrap Exchange.  What a fun place!  Got two yards of beautiful fabric for only $4.  I'm planning on making aprons from it.  Got a couple of purse parts:  handles, magnetic clasps, feet, linings for again chump change.  I'm detaching those parts and using them for a bag I have to make for someone.  While walking through the vendors on the way to the Scrap Exchange, I ran into my play cousin (we share the same aunt but on different sides so she isn't a cousin at all, but it feels like it so....).  She's a fabulous crafter/quilter and I love running ideas past her.  She gave me lots of pointers and when I left her, I immediately grabbed my journal so I could sketch ideas and make notes for the future.  She and another crafter friend are hosting sewing classes this summer.  Check out their summer website:  Something Handmade.

Then I attended my cousin's bridal shower.  It was loads of fun and I got to be the "resident photographer" since this was a shower thrown by her college and church friends.  The only people I knew were my two cousins (from left to right, the bride-to-be and her sis), but that was just fine because I got a real opportunity to use my camera.  Shower activities included:  a bridal word search, designing toilet paper wedding dresses, decorating cookies in the shape of *unmentionables*, writing advice in a journal, and lots of chatting and lots of laughing.  Prizes included pottery pieces that my aunt (their mom) made.  Parting gift:  a potted plant.  I think they're morning glories. 

I learned how much I really enjoy photographing small events; baby showers, bridal showers, kid's birthday parties. I think I'm going to promote that some soon; hence the need for a real name.  I didn't mention that the name I had chosen (Art by Design)and the runner-up were already registered, but I think I have a new one in mind as of today and as of now it is not registered.  :-) 

After leaving the city, I felt really excited, invigorated, you know?  My head was swimming of all kinds of ideas that will have to go on hold for now until I finish up the projects I've mentioned to you before times.  So, in an effort to tie up loose ends, I finished and photographed these two hats.  These are for the kids.

Until next time.....Happy Crafting!


  1. I really like the photo you took!!!!

    I'm sorry, you wrote a wonderful post and I just had to comment! Even if by this hour my brain is mulch! Lol!

    I'm glad you like those events, they are often forgoten (no one ever remembers to take photos!) And they should be cherished too!

    Love the hats!


  2. Sounds like a most wonderful weekend Libby! You seem to have alot of ideas swimming around in your head right now, like me. I really have to sit down and prioritize before they get the best of me.

    Love the photo of your cousins. You just might have something there dear. Go with what you love to do and see what happens.


  3. Bridal showers in Spain consist of the bride-to-be, female relatives and friends going out to supper and the disco, often dressed with beauty queen bands and crowns. Yes, grandmas too (don't know why but they love these events). Supper includes a cake for dessert also decorated with the shape of *unmentionable* and everybody wants a picture pretending they are going to take a bite. lol

    I wish I could go to that Scrap Exchange place! I noticed they have at ebay shop so I won't complain this time - maybe I can get those magnetic clasps I'm looking for.

    Good luck with the name!

  4. Really wonderful picture Libby!, like the hats too

  5. what a beautiful picture, you are really talented!
    Love the hats!

  6. great photo, you both are beautiful♥ sounds like you had a fabulous time♥

  7. I'm impressed with your photo's, very nice! And love the colors of the slouchy hats! Hope all is well with you and again thank u for the pillow.


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