Urban Shells Scarf

If you recall, I had an order from a co-worker for a black hat and scarf set.  She graciously gave me an extension because it wasn't like she was going to wear the hat in this spring season.  But, as I have a brain that wouldn't feel "free" until all promises were kept, I had to get her order done before the close of the school year.  (If you have a brain that works like mine then you know exactly what I'm talking about).  No, her order is not complete, but I'm halfway there.  Now I'm looking for a complimentary hat in the style she requested.  If I can't find it, I think I can modify a basic cloche or roll-brim style hat to match the shell edging.  We'll see.  But guess what, I'm still stash-busting!

Another scarf project just for you, Anonymous.  Thanks for the compliment.  :-)


  1. Very nice Libby!

    Hope all the testing at school goes well. I'm so glad to have Em's done. She did FAB!

  2. lovely scarf! good luck with your pattern search!

  3. Hi Libby,

    You are most welcome & Congratulations on your FO. I'm sure she will love this.

    Shells patterns are very feminine to me, and I like them, even, if they do take up alot of yarn(smile).

    Here is a pattern for a shells hat and scarf set. Don't know if it's the hat your looking for, but, it's the first thing I thought of when you said you were looking for a shells hat pattern.


    Take Care.


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