Tying Up Loose Ends

Literally.  Each day as I get closer to the the school year coming to a close, I want to finish up any outstanding WIPs and custom orders so I can start fresh in the hot months to come.  So some time last week I laid out the UFOs on my old daybed along with the hook and the yarn needed to finish it. 

First the fuzzy scarf.  Then the pillow.  And now another brick red neckwarmer.  It seems ashame that it has laid unfinished for quite some time.  All I had to to was weave in two ends and sew on a button.  Ridiculous, right?  Well now it's done and can go in the finished container.

Tomorrow I'm attending a VIF Family and Friends picnic with my friend from Peru who is a VIF teacher.  I look forward to a fun day with her and her husband, plus....crocheting in the car.  The drive is about 1 hr 20 minutes.  :-)


  1. Love the neckwarmer Libby! My favorite color.

    I hear you about UFO's. I keep looking at my purple sweater and get disgusted that I haven't finished it yet. Soon.

    Have fun at the picnic. The drive should be productive.


  2. Just 1h20min? That place must be really close. *wink*

    Glad to see your projects finished, I wish I could do the same soon. Enjoy the picnic!

  3. Pretty neckwarmer Libby. Enjoy the picnic tomorrow and happy crocheting during the drive.

  4. That turnd out beautiful...the red is outstanding....I don't thnk I could crochet in the car I would puke...lol...I can't even read or look down when I am in the car...

    Im weird I know...so I am think Wif has something to do with unfinishd projects..lol

  5. Lovely, lovely neckwarmer. Love the colour too. Bright! I like that a lot.


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